From today until 31-12-2005

    1: The primary focus of IFADU is and will remain as it has always been, to seek to defend IFAs against rules and regulations whose arbitrary nature breach not only common sense but the rule of law. Sadly this monstrous regime makes it almost impossible to use the law of the land to defend anyone, hence the human rights angle, for the record these human rights also apply to Ltd Companies and PLCs.

    Centre stage is our work on the ECtHR case. That is what we will be concentrating on between now and the end of

    this year. You already know that we are expecting Counsel's opinion soon, and we have the meeting with the FSA.

    However a lot more is being implemented and planned in addition to those two elements, see HERE.

    Rod Leonard, like many of you, has always made financial contributions to assist IFADU in its work, but he recognises that now we need to establish a specific "fighting fund", to ensure that all the work and research we have carried out to date is successful.

    Stage 1 of that "fighting fund" relates to the next 3 months - it is a crucial period.

    Remember IFADU does NOT have a fixed nor formal subscription base - many of those we seek to defend cannot afford a subscription - because of the very rules and regulations involved - or because they have retired many years

    ago and now their homes are under threat - should they be left undefended?

    If your circumstances permit - and you believe this cause is worth fighting - then irrespective of your membership of

    other organisations - make a contribution. If you are an IFA and want to see a future for IFAs - it is vital.

    From today and beyond 31-12-2005

    IFADU is seen too often as a one man crusade - that is wrong.

    IFADU is a group of like minded individuals, intentionally very much less formal than most such groups, formality

    costs money better spent on action.

    IFADU represents individuals who have come together collectively and without coercion to defend something they

    recognise needs defending. That has been and always will be its strength.

    Its perceived weakness is that it depends too much on me alone. That is changing, because it has to change.

    Over the past few weeks, you will have seen one or two items which are not from me.

    Some of these show the identity of the author. There are, and will be, others where we have accepted that the contributor has a right to request anonymity, and we will respect that right. There is a growing recognition of the importance of what we are doing not only from within the heart of our industry, but from many outside bodies and interest groups.

    IFADU are also in discussions, some detailed, others in their very early stages, with other bodies both in this country and abroad, who recognise - all too late in many cases - that it is not just IFAs that are under threat when common

    sense and the rule of law is ignored and that this cancer is spreading across the globe.

    This will not change the nature of IFADU, its purpose will remain as it was, but we intend to take the lead, if we can, in establishing a "wider grouping" of those who share many common interests.

    We will have more to say on this subject in due course, but it may not be just IFAs who back our work, financially and otherwise on the journey to Strasbourg!

    Kind regards